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Project: Making a Quilt! September 8, 2010

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Even before we moved, I had my eye on getting a simple sewing machine for little projects, but it didn’t seem to make sense to buy one just before a cross-country move.  Once we arrived though, I pretty quickly made a trip to Target to buy myself a sewing machine (a Singer Esteem II).

It’s been great – my first project on it was the rug.  Then, I finally finished the cloth napkins that I had cut and pressed over a year ago.  I had a few other things in mind, too.  Learning to quilt, and sewing throw pillows.

Quilting seemed like quite the undertaking, though – but in July I made a friend at the gym, and it turns out that she is a quilter and was more than happy to teach me!

This is the basic process:

1. Pick a pattern (I borrowed the Yellow Brick Road pattern from my friend/quilting teacher – this was her first quilt, too!)

2. Pick your fabric/color scheme (I chose purples and blacks/whites/greys)

3. Press and cut the fabric (this part was really fun!)

4. Sew the blocks

5. Arrange the blocks

6. Cut and sew the border, backing and binding

7.  Do the actual quilting

8. Sew on the binding (this is the step I’m on)

This has been a fun process, and I can’t wait to finish up my first quilt.  It is definitely stretching my little Singer to the limits…I am already thinking I might need a new machine if I decide to keep making quilts!  Though for now I think it is fine.
Here are a few pictures of the process (I’ll of course post a picture of the end result once the binding is done).

Arranging the blocks

Arranging the blocks

With the border and binding (not yet attached)

Quilted! (Hard to see, but I did stitch-in-a-ditch around the inside of the border, and diagonal hatches inside of that)

Close-up of the quilting (still a few threads hanging loose)


3 Responses to “Project: Making a Quilt!”

  1. jesse Says:

    WHOA i cant believe you made that! it’s beautiful!

  2. Elle Says:

    That is beautiful!! I love the colors you picked out.
    My mom used to quilt. Maybe someday I’ll ask her to teach me how.

  3. sherry Says:

    wow! That is fantastic! It looks like it would be hard to do. I don’t think I have the patients. I have 3 quilt tops that out great grandmothers made,just don’t think I could sit down that long.

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