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Project: Dining Room Chairs September 4, 2010

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The past few months have been a great test of creativity – what does one do to keep themselves busy all day, when they don’t have a job and don’t know many people where they live (particularly if they dislike cleaning the house all day)?  One thing I (K) do is go to the gym a lot.  But you can only work out so much.  I’ve also taken on a few projects that I’m going to write about over the next few days.

Our apartment came furnished, which was great except for that some of the furniture had gotten a bit yucky from years of use.  Particularly the dining room chairs, which originally had white upholstery that had gotten discolored. I had a dream of recovering them with a fabric that was a) clean and b) more colorful. We’re pretty happy with the results – here’s how it went down:

Original chair

Close-up: Original Upholstery

Putting the new fabric on the seat (staple gun required!)

Screwing the seat back on

Finished chair!

You can see just a peek of the rug in the room behind the chair – another project I’ll post about soon.


2 Responses to “Project: Dining Room Chairs”

  1. Elle Says:

    One: the “Before” fabric is gross. I would have major issues sitting on that.

    Two: I love the new fabric you picked out. The green goes really well with the wood, both the frame of the chair and the flooring. You’ve got a lovely eye for design!

    Three: Did you clean the chairs off before re-covering them? Or just leave them as is?

    Four: Your landlord should give you a reduced rent for improving the furnishings 😉

    • kcfeather Says:

      1 & 4 – I agree!!!
      3 – We did wipe down the wood once the seats were off, but didn’t clean the cushions/seats. Obviously this would have been ideal, but they don’t smell and so it seemed like a lot of extra work that was not entirely necessary. I did find an online video demonstrating the process of replacing the foam cushioning as well as the upholstery, though – so obviously it’s possible!

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