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While the cat’s away… July 19, 2010

Filed under: The everyday — kcfeather @ 11:39 pm

The following things may or may not happen while C is out of town (first in Italy for a conference, then Garland, then California):

  • I eat peanut butter and honey yogurt for dinner and gummy lifesavers for lunch
  • I watch not-very-good chick flicks that C would never watch with me
  • I begin talking to myself in a Mrs. Doubtfire voice
  • I buy animal-print furniture online (eek…can’t believe I did this, but we’ll see – I think it will go well with the rest of our living room)
  • I decide to take a quick trip to the Big Apple
  • I mope around, because I miss him and I know NO ONE in Boston

2 Responses to “While the cat’s away…”

  1. sherry rushing Says:

    ANIMAL PRINT! Thats not you….Wish you could fly to Garland while Clayton is here.

  2. Kari Says:

    You can add

    –G-chat with Kari.

    to your list!

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