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While the cat’s away… July 19, 2010

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The following things may or may not happen while C is out of town (first in Italy for a conference, then Garland, then California):

  • I eat peanut butter and honey yogurt for dinner and gummy lifesavers for lunch
  • I watch not-very-good chick flicks that C would never watch with me
  • I begin talking to myself in a Mrs. Doubtfire voice
  • I buy animal-print furniture online (eek…can’t believe I did this, but we’ll see – I think it will go well with the rest of our living room)
  • I decide to take a quick trip to the Big Apple
  • I mope around, because I miss him and I know NO ONE in Boston

Checking in July 9, 2010

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Wow! The last month has been quite a whirlwind…packing up the house, out of town family visiting, graduation, saying goodbyes, Carmel, conference in Boston, Paris, conference in Belgium (C)/playing in Belgium (K), moving in, unpacking, exploring a new city….

If I had to pick two pictures to sum up all the ups and downs:

The ups...

...and downs

A few random thoughts about our past month:

  • Since we were traveling for almost a month, we saw a lot of each other and not a lot of friends.  Turns out having friends (particularly our wonderful friends) is not to be taken for granted.  We get boring pretty quickly.
  • We would be lost without hope were it not for Mr. G (our new GPS).  Big thank you to Sherry, for the graduation gift.
  • Cobblestones (such as they have throughout Europe) are quaint to be sure, but not so friendly on the feet – it is a challenge to walk on them without falling, and painful!
  • Big Sur is really one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever been
  • Belgians dress much more like Americans than do Parisians
  • Nothing so far that we regret getting rid of before the move; lots of things that we regret not getting rid of!
  • We’ll hold on to our vacuum, but a vacuum is decidedly less useful in a house that is entirely wood floor.
  • Didn’t realize that there was a place with more Dunkin’ Donuts than Starbucks.  There is.  It is here.
  • I never understood the stereotype of cops eating lots of doughnuts until we moved here. There is literally a cop car parked outside each and every Dunkin’ Donuts in the greater Boston area at any given time. But maybe they’re just there for the coffee?
  • Three cheers for very non-chaotic Ikea and Costco…a whole new experience.  Walmart, on the other hand, is pretty much the same hell-hole as in the Bay Area (Texas Walmarts are really pretty great, though).
  • Minus one for Europe: you have to pay for ketchup (or mayo) for your fries!
  • We can’t decide how we feel about the fact that in Europe, “public” toilets cost money to use…much less convenient (and obviously more expensive) – but the toilets stay much cleaner.  Is it worth the tradeoff?
  • Having only very few friends here in Boston (all friends from college), it sort of feels like we’re still on vacation, or in some strange twilight zone.
  • Trying to decide to get a TV or a projector to watch movies on…

Maybe someday I’ll write more about our time in Europe, or saying goodbyes, or pay toilets, but for today this is what I have the energy for, since we’re still digging ourselves out from all the packing paper (though more figuratively than literally at this point).