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Exciting things! May 26, 2010

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  • We are going to Europe!!  I just bought the tickets…we’ll fly into Paris, take the train to Belgium (there for C’s conference), then train to Holland to visit our friend M!  Send any recommendations for Paris/Belgium/Holland our way!  This seems like a great way to do with the housing gap (housing ends at Stanford 6/14, doesn’t begin in Cambridge until 7/1).
  • C submitted the dissertation – he’s done!
  • For Christmas, we got a generous gift certificate to Chez Panisse, but in the midst of planning the move, it was forgotten.  I rediscovered a few weeks ago and frantically called to try to get reservations before we left town.  They squeezed us in last night, and it was terrific.  A few thoughts: Lillet Blanc is a really terrific way to start off a dinner.  The mustard flowers that were sprinkled over the leg of lamb were an amazing touch. Radishes are underrated.  Wish we could have tried the Brooks cherry tart (made for the upstairs cafe) that we saw while walking through the kitchen…though the Lucero Farms strawberry tartlet with candied rose petals was pretty amazing.
  • Didn’t realize that we would be able to do anything…but looks like we will be able to take a trip up to Napa, and also a trip to Carmel/Pebble Beach, before we fly away.  Will be nice to have some downtime amidst all the packing.

Things there are, things there aren’t – Boston May 20, 2010

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Things there are:




Trader Joe’s

Fromaggio (which we haven’t visited but we hear is a fun grocery/food store)


Things there aren’t:


The Dutch Goose

Humphry Slocombe

Kwang, our mechanic

Friends (Ok, to be fair, there are a few of these, and hopefully many more friends-to-be…but it’s hard to believe they could compare to our friends here…)



Defended! May 11, 2010

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C’s last major hurdle before graduation was his dissertation defense, which took place yesterday. It went as well as could be hoped, and he passed (of course).  We had a little celebratory dinner at the Dutch Goose before heading to bed at 9 pm (he’s still on EST).  Congrats to C!


Some Answers May 3, 2010

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We had a really fun weekend in Boston (and, since we were staying in Cambridge, there was plenty of potable water!)  And we figured a few things out:

1. Still not 100% sure about the “Beantown” nickname, but it has something to do with Boston Baked Beans and a burst tank of molasses…

2.  We will not be homeless next year!  We signed a least on a really wonderful unit in Huron Village, in West Cambridge.  It is the second story of a 3-level house.  There are little shops and restaurants and bakeries on nearby streets, a pond a few blocks over that has a running/walking trail.  We love it!

3. We survived the redeye (it might actually be the best way to adjust to the time difference).  It turns out, a 5 hour flight just isn’t much fun, whether it’s during the day, or at night.  I do have to give JetBlue props for: cheap tickets, providing free eye masks and ear plugs on the red-eye, a decent snack selection, and TV with the Food Network.