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Cilantro April 15, 2010

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I absolutely detest cilantro (and I know I’m not alone!)  C always says that if I just forced myself to eat it for awhile, I would eventually grow to like it (he once did this with basil, primarily so that he could give me a bad time about not liking cilantro and onions).  According to this article in the NY Times, he may be right (shhhh…don’t tell him!)  I always wondered why the cilantro salad dressing was so much more bearable than the actual leaves…and now, I know!  Hmmm…to give in, and try what the article suggests (eat lots of cilantro to “increase the patterns”)?  Or be stubborn, and continue to refuse cilantro (particularly because it’s so often paired with my other least-favorite food, onions)?


One Response to “Cilantro”

  1. Elle Says:

    I used to abhor cilantro… they always put it on the Tostada Salad at Chevy’s and it would almost ruin the meal for me. But now (surprise, surprise) I actually like it. Or don’t hate it anymore, anyway. Can tolerate it? And actually, a fair number of my favorite recipes include it, possibly because I like lime and other citrus-y type recipes, and cilantro is a nice complementary flavor. It was a more gradual change for me; it was a subtle inclusion in the foods I was eating, and eventually I didn’t mind it so much.

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