Birds of a Feather

Mysteries April 29, 2010

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A few questions that we hope are answered this weekend:

1. Why is Boston called “Beantown”?

2.   Where will we live next year?  (Please pray that we find a place!)

3.  Are we too old for redeyes?

I’ve been having fun making cards recently.  Usually I make myself an extra, but the other day I made one for a friend’s baby shower and didn’t have time to replicate, so I took a picture instead.  Here it is:

If I make this card again, should I make an orange beak (like I did here)?  Or should I leave the whole bird blue (or whatever other color)?


Cilantro April 15, 2010

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I absolutely detest cilantro (and I know I’m not alone!)  C always says that if I just forced myself to eat it for awhile, I would eventually grow to like it (he once did this with basil, primarily so that he could give me a bad time about not liking cilantro and onions).  According to this article in the NY Times, he may be right (shhhh…don’t tell him!)  I always wondered why the cilantro salad dressing was so much more bearable than the actual leaves…and now, I know!  Hmmm…to give in, and try what the article suggests (eat lots of cilantro to “increase the patterns”)?  Or be stubborn, and continue to refuse cilantro (particularly because it’s so often paired with my other least-favorite food, onions)?


Artichoke April 14, 2010

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Some reflections on the Artichoke 10K (in Pescadero, on April 11):

  • 6.2 miles is a lot easier than it seemed 2 months ago…it was actually a lot of fun
  • Our next 10K (if there is one) will be much easier, since I would hope there aren’t high winds and pouring rain like there were on Sunday
  • If there are high winds, much better to run into the wind the first half, so that you can run with the wind during the second half!
  • The artichokes (now in our stomachs) that we were given for finishing were much more fun to win than the medals (which are now in the garbage)
  • Race organizers should probably figure out a way to have more than 1 toilet available for the 100+ runners to use before a race
  • Would be handy to have  a wristwatch to have some idea of my pace
  • A 10K in the morning makes it much easier to justify a big brunch, a tin roof sundae (with Secret Breakfast), and donuts in the afternoon