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Ten on Tuesday March 31, 2010

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1. Did you know that Oscar winners live an average of 4 years longer than nominees who didn’t win?  I learned that (as well as about some other interesting research) in this David Brooks article. Another interesting tidbit that I’ll keep in mind as we search for an apartment in Boston: “the daily activity most injurious to happiness is commuting.”

2. I love that C loves to roast chicken!  He learned his technique from the Bouchon cookbook, and is pretty much a pro. The best thing about roast chicken is that it lasts for three meals (this week: 1. Roasted Chicken and salad; 2. Chicken enchiladas; 3. BBQ Chicken Pizza).

3. My bike broke!  This is the trusty bike that I have had for 13 years (it was a present for my 16th birthday…no cars for the Sweet 16 at our house!)  It should be easy and not too expensive to get a new tire (it’s not just flat, but the actual threads that were holding the tire together frayed and then ripped), so we’ll probably fix it, as it’s my primary form of commuting to and from work.

4.  This is the first spring in 4 years that we’re not planting a garden. I guess this year we’ll have to spend a little more on fresh produce (though we’ll be spending less on manure and seeds!)

5. I find it incredibly satisfying to get things done before 8 am (sending emails, doing dishes). I’ve recently rediscovered this joy, which is good for the cleanliness of our house, but definitely means I get tired earlier in the evenings.

6. We’re thinking about getting a very basic GPS, since we’ll be finding our way around a new city this coming year.  Any recommendations?  Garmin? Tomtom?

7. I just read Crossing to Safety, and finally understand why so many people love Wallace Stegner. I’m definitely a fan, but I think I’ll save Angle of Repose for next year when I’m missing/reminiscing about life out West.

8. C and I both turn 29 in the next month or so!!

9. JetBlue is amazing – we’re headed out to Beantown to do some apartment hunting and general neighborhood exploring in late April, and we got quite a deal. Plus, the flights are non-stop!

10. Happy week-before-Easter!  I just love these li’l chicks:


G-chat Conversation March 18, 2010

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K: This is my hero:
K: I want to be her

C: You can’t be a nun

K: Ok, everything except the nun part

K: I especially like that she gets to wear sweats to work


Simple Pleasures March 12, 2010

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Sometimes the best things in life are free…or very, very cheap!  Here are a few of our recent favorite things that don’t break the bank:

K's favorite soda of all time - how can you beat carbonated apple deliciousness? Now served at the Nuthouse!

It's that wonderful season when Trader Joe's sells daffodils on the cheap - 10 stems for $1.29. Double it up, and the vase on our table is brimming with these springtime blooms.

C discovered these the other day, and is hooked. Coconut M&Ms....mmmmm.


Quote of the week March 5, 2010

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One of the profs that K works with said this, which – though it sounds obvious – is so refreshing to hear in academia:
“I love my job. But I love my wife a whole lot more than I love my job.”