Birds of a Feather

Splish splash January 21, 2010

Filed under: California Dreaming,The everyday — kcfeather @ 6:15 am

I know that since I am from Seattle, I should be used to rain. But this is SOME RAIN. In Seattle, it really only drizzles. These last two days, the rain has been coming down so hard that it bounces when it hits the ground (but it is not hail, I swear!) And then it creates waves that cascade across the street and down the road.

The thunder was so loud that the car alarms were going off throughout the morning.

And the puddles. Many of them have begun to morph into lakes. Certainly deep enough to wash one’s hair in. Growing up, the concrete the driveway in front of our home was not quite level, and so each winter, a large puddle that we named “Lake Andersen” appeared (and would usually stick around well into the spring months). The Lake Andersen of Seattle is no longer, since there’s a new driveway – but it turns out that C and I have a lake of our own (for which I’ve appropriated the name Lake Andersen), right outside our front door.

Lake Andersen

On my way to work (at least we had power this morning!)


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