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Mahjong and other weekend fun January 18, 2010

Filed under: The everyday — kcfeather @ 7:04 pm

Last weekend, C and I went on an adventure up to Chinatown in SF in search of a mahjong set (which we were hoping to get our friend J for Christmas). Mahjong is sort of a combination between dominoes and gin rummy. We found a set, and had lots of other fun poking around all of the shops and restaurants. We drank boba, ate steamed pork buns, and tried on funny hats.

C with his bubble tea

K and the Maoist hat

This weekend, we’ve been having fun learning to play mahjong, although there are a lot of rules…we have a ways to go!

Also, yesterday afternoon I tried my hand at making Kristiana Kringler, a Swedish New Year’s almond pastry that we didn’t have a chance to enjoy in Seattle over Christmas. ¬†There’s room for improvement, but all in all it was a success – it was all gone within 20 minutes at a get together we went to yesterday evening.


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