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Friday Five January 29, 2010

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1. Last Sunday, I went to see a Stanford Women’s Gymnastics meet with a few friends…it was a lot of fun, and Stanford edged out UCLA for the win. There were a ridiculous number of little girls in princess dresses, which made it even more entertaining!
2. With a light workload, I’ve enjoyed some fascinating non-fiction reading this week: The Center Cannot Hold and Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers. C has moved on from his book about auction theory and is taking a stab at Beloved.  One of his favorite authors, Sanlinger, died earlier this week, so he is looking forward to the time (probably in several years) when Salinger’s papers are released.
3. My office now officially knows that we’re headed East in June, which makes leaving our home here seem much more real and imminent. We’d better get working on our list!
4. Countdown to the Winter Olympics: 14 days to go!  TV, procured. Working on finding an antenna for the TV…
5. We’re looking forward to a very tasty meal with friends from our bible study up in San Francisco tomorrow night. The restaurant’s so popular that the earliest reservations we could get were 9:45pm!


Splish splash January 21, 2010

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I know that since I am from Seattle, I should be used to rain. But this is SOME RAIN. In Seattle, it really only drizzles. These last two days, the rain has been coming down so hard that it bounces when it hits the ground (but it is not hail, I swear!) And then it creates waves that cascade across the street and down the road.

The thunder was so loud that the car alarms were going off throughout the morning.

And the puddles. Many of them have begun to morph into lakes. Certainly deep enough to wash one’s hair in. Growing up, the concrete the driveway in front of our home was not quite level, and so each winter, a large puddle that we named “Lake Andersen” appeared (and would usually stick around well into the spring months). The Lake Andersen of Seattle is no longer, since there’s a new driveway – but it turns out that C and I have a lake of our own (for which I’ve appropriated the name Lake Andersen), right outside our front door.

Lake Andersen

On my way to work (at least we had power this morning!)


Mahjong and other weekend fun January 18, 2010

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Last weekend, C and I went on an adventure up to Chinatown in SF in search of a mahjong set (which we were hoping to get our friend J for Christmas). Mahjong is sort of a combination between dominoes and gin rummy. We found a set, and had lots of other fun poking around all of the shops and restaurants. We drank boba, ate steamed pork buns, and tried on funny hats.

C with his bubble tea

K and the Maoist hat

This weekend, we’ve been having fun learning to play mahjong, although there are a lot of rules…we have a ways to go!

Also, yesterday afternoon I tried my hand at making Kristiana Kringler, a Swedish New Year’s almond pastry that we didn’t have a chance to enjoy in Seattle over Christmas.  There’s room for improvement, but all in all it was a success – it was all gone within 20 minutes at a get together we went to yesterday evening.


Earthquake! January 7, 2010

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We just felt an earthquake!  It was an itty-bitty one (the perfect size, really – just enough to feel and know it’s definitely an earthquake, but not so large as to be scary).  Here’s the info about it:
UPDATE: For those of you in earthquake territory, I just learned from my co-worker that keeping shoes under your bed is an important piece of earthquake preparedness. Apparently in many earthquakes, one of the most common injuries is cuts on people’s feet from the broken glass once they get out of bed after the quake (if the quake happens while they’re asleep).


Month-o-Salads January 4, 2010

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After eating incredibly tasty but very rich food throughout December, we decided it was time to lighten up our diet. So we’ve proclaimed January a month of salads. We will likely eat other things, as well, but the goal is for the majority of our dinners to be vegetable-based salads of some sort or another. Yesterday I filled the fridge with all sorts of produce and the cupboard with all sorts of nuts to keep the salad-meals interesting. We’ll keep a tally and post the list of salads we have concocted (along with any new dressing discoveries) at the end of the month.

In the meantime, here’s my go-to vinaigrette recipe:

1 small tablespoon mustard (have used both dijon and sweeter mustards, like honey and sweet onion)
1 small tablespoon brown sugar or honey
1 minced or crushed clove of garlic
some salt
some ground pepper
1 (large) tablespoon apple cider vinegar
1 tablespoon white balsamic vinegar (or regular balsamic)
2 tablespoons olive oil

I usually put all the ingredients in a small jar, seal the lid tight, and shake it like crazy until it has emulsified.