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Fun in PNW December 24, 2009

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We’ve had a fun week up in the Northwest – first K’s birthday party in Portland, an overnight at her house, and a chance to go to her church and wander around Portland.  How good to see an old friend. Kind of like french fries are a great vehicle for salt and ketchup, walking is a great vehicle for catching up.

Here’s us at the craft fair we wandered around (“The Festival of the Last Minute”):

Goofin' around...

Sunday night C and I took the train up to Seattle. It’s been pretty low-key, but we did get a chance to go to Pike Place (and of course get donuts); taste wine; and visit the long-talked-about La Carta de Oaxaca (which brought back memories of our 2004 Christmas adventures in Oaxaca).

Also, we finally waited out the line at Salumi. We’ve been once before, but gave up on the line (that wraps partway around the block). This time, we braved the cold and the line (which ended up being a 40 minute wait).  We decided it was worth it once – the meat was great – but might not always be worth the wait (on the other hand, we think we figured out the secret to not waiting).

Other than this, we’ve mostly been around the house, getting ready for the Scandinavian Smorgasbord (tonight), watching the Wire, and listening to The Statler Brother’s Christmas Album (the best Christmas album ever, to my mind).

C and I in line at Salumi

C's long-awaited meat plate

P chowing down on the mole (salami) mozzarella sandwich


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