Birds of a Feather

SoCal December 18, 2009

Filed under: California Dreaming,The everyday — kcfeather @ 10:15 pm

C and I went down to LA last weekend, to go to a wedding. We had a great time – the wedding was beautiful and lots of fun, and we were also able to catch up with some of C’s friends from Nerd College (the fact that C rarely reads this gives me the freedom to say this…)  I got to see said institution for the first time (below is us on campus).  The most interesting thing about the brief tour I took was the incongruity between the beautiful, stately campus and the zombie-like (and very nerdy) students walking around. A colleague of mine mentioned a similiar incongruity – he read that a famous physicist from Caltech frequetly went to a strip club near campus to work on equations (or whatever it is that physicists do).

We’re heading out tomorrow for a fun-filled two weeks of Christmas: first in Portland, then Seattle, then Dallas, then San Diego (K) and Atlanta (C).  A merry Christmas to all!


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