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2009: The Year in Hamburgers December 31, 2009

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In honor of K’s favorite food (since she was 3), we thought that taking a look back to the burgers we’ve eaten this year would be a fun way to recap 2009.

In March, in Washington, DC, we had tasty burgers (and shakes) at Good Stuff Eatery. On the way home from DC, in the Atlanta airport, we also enjoyed the chance to try out Krystal burgers.

K had a fancy-shmancy and very tasty birthday burger at the Village Pub (complete with homemade pickles and duck fat fries). And, her birthday present from C was a Weber, so we can grill our own burgers (see a few home recipes below).

We celebrated C’s birthday at our place, grilling burgers, drinking sangria, and playing horseshoes (and watching fireworks).

Throughout the year, we enjoyed burgers as well as beer and fellowship on Thursday nights with friends from church at the Dutch Goose and the Oasis (local watering holes) – and at Antonio’s Nuthouse before they changed up the menu.

In-n-Out is a common stop when running errands (especially for K), and on California road trips to Merced, SLO/Santa Barbara, and Carmel (those who know the area might realize from that list of destinations that we’re giving the Gilroy In-n-Out especially good business).

To close out the year, this week in Dallas we had a chance to experience fine burgers at the fine Texas establishment: Braum’s. We were sad to miss a chance to visit the Dairymart in Pottsboro, TX and eat hamburgers there…maybe in 2010!

Finally, we wanted to share just a few favorite burgers-at-home from this past year:

UPDATE: After reading this post, C’s Aunt Sherry thought it was only appropriate that we close out our year with a burger – so on December 31 we had lunch at a very fun little drive-in/burger joint in Dallas, the Dairy-ette. The burgers were indeed tasty, and they had root beer in frosted mugs.  What fun!


Merry Christmas! December 25, 2009

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Here’s a poem that was read last night at our Christmas Eve service:

The risk of birth Madeleine L’Engle

This is no time for a child to be born,
With the earth betrayed by war and hate
And a nova lighting the sky to warn
That time runs out and the sun burns late.

That was no time for a child to be born,
In a land in the crushing grip of Rome;
Honour and truth were trampled by scorn-
Yet here did the savior make his home.

When is the time for love to be born?
The inn is full on the planet earth,
And by greed and pride the sky is torn-
yet Love still takes the risk of birth.


Fun in PNW December 24, 2009

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We’ve had a fun week up in the Northwest – first K’s birthday party in Portland, an overnight at her house, and a chance to go to her church and wander around Portland.  How good to see an old friend. Kind of like french fries are a great vehicle for salt and ketchup, walking is a great vehicle for catching up.

Here’s us at the craft fair we wandered around (“The Festival of the Last Minute”):

Goofin' around...

Sunday night C and I took the train up to Seattle. It’s been pretty low-key, but we did get a chance to go to Pike Place (and of course get donuts); taste wine; and visit the long-talked-about La Carta de Oaxaca (which brought back memories of our 2004 Christmas adventures in Oaxaca).

Also, we finally waited out the line at Salumi. We’ve been once before, but gave up on the line (that wraps partway around the block). This time, we braved the cold and the line (which ended up being a 40 minute wait).  We decided it was worth it once – the meat was great – but might not always be worth the wait (on the other hand, we think we figured out the secret to not waiting).

Other than this, we’ve mostly been around the house, getting ready for the Scandinavian Smorgasbord (tonight), watching the Wire, and listening to The Statler Brother’s Christmas Album (the best Christmas album ever, to my mind).

C and I in line at Salumi

C's long-awaited meat plate

P chowing down on the mole (salami) mozzarella sandwich


SoCal December 18, 2009

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C and I went down to LA last weekend, to go to a wedding. We had a great time – the wedding was beautiful and lots of fun, and we were also able to catch up with some of C’s friends from Nerd College (the fact that C rarely reads this gives me the freedom to say this…)  I got to see said institution for the first time (below is us on campus).  The most interesting thing about the brief tour I took was the incongruity between the beautiful, stately campus and the zombie-like (and very nerdy) students walking around. A colleague of mine mentioned a similiar incongruity – he read that a famous physicist from Caltech frequetly went to a strip club near campus to work on equations (or whatever it is that physicists do).

We’re heading out tomorrow for a fun-filled two weeks of Christmas: first in Portland, then Seattle, then Dallas, then San Diego (K) and Atlanta (C).  A merry Christmas to all!


Christmas is in the Air December 12, 2009

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Oh, what a wonderful season!  We won’t be around for the weeks surrounding Christmas, but I put out a few decorations because I just couldn’t resist. I put out the nativity set, we got a new advent “wreath” (though it’s been pointed out to me that it’s not really a wreath since it’s actually in the shape of a cross).

Also, we didn’t get a tree, but I did repurpose a picture tree to hang some of my favorite ornaments. Notice a theme?  I’m hoping this is the last year that we are away too much to justify getting a real Christmas tree…


Workouts December 2, 2009

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C’s workout buddy named a workout after me!  I’m sad that I can’t actually do the workout…I really like the plank walk-ups, but the one-footed push ups are out of my league (though G promises that I can get there).

To read more about some of Clayton’s other workouts, go here and here and here (my favorite).