Birds of a Feather

Sweet Tooth October 29, 2009

Filed under: Recipes and food — kcfeather @ 7:26 pm

I (K) have always had a sweet tooth. When I was 13 and decided to become a vegetarian (a two-year experiment), my brother innocently asked my mom, “Does being a vegetarian mean that you only have to eat candy?”

And just yesterday (though I am ashamed to admit it), I talked C into sharing a Snickers bar with me after lunch, and then proceeded to talk him into buying me gummy bears for the afternoon. Once back at work, I ate not only the gummy bears, but also some leftover rice krispie treats that were sitting in the staff kitchen. And then, after dinner (I did eat a healthy dinner of fish and asparagus), I ate raspberry bars for dessert, during Community Group.

Too much candy, some might say.  But then, I saw this article. It turns out that despite what people say, it is possible to live on candy!  I probably won’t give it a try…but will feel a little less guilty next time I have a mid-afternoon treat.

Happy Halloween (on Saturday)!


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