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Wednesday Words October 14, 2009

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200236712-001 raincoat

  • Rain. It’s been raining like crazy (we caught the tail end of a typhoon from Japan), and while it appears to have stopped after two full days of downpours, it will be back: it’s an El Nino year!  To mark the occasion (and so we don’t have to sit in wet clothes all day) C and I went to REI  on Monday night and bought rain pants and jackets…now we can commute by bike without getting wet!
  • Baseball. Even though the Mariners didn’t make it this year, every fall around this time I have fond memories of October 1995, when the Ms made it to the playoffs for the first time ever. How exciting that was! “Get out the rye bread and the mustard, granma – it’s grand salami time!”
  • Vacuum cleaner. We are now the proud owners of a Hoover! It’s the best thing in the world, to be able to vacuum whenever the floor is dirty. Our house feels so much more pleasant.
  • Work. I (K) am loving working again. It’s been a little adjustment to our schedule, but overall a pretty smooth transition. I like my job, and the structure that it gives my days (plus the paycheck is a nice bonus!)
  • Frozen Yogurt. When we no longer live in CA, I will really miss Fraiche.
  • Taxes. We took an extension this year, so I just paid our taxes. Not to brag, but we got a lot of money back.  Yay!!!  It makes all the form-filling-out seem not quite so bad.
  • All-stars. C got a new pair of sneakers, and I love them!  (I also happened to choose them out…)

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