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Proud Big Sister October 30, 2009

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I just have to post this – so proud of my little sis!  You go, Maggie Flo:  Martel Maintains Clean Record


Sweet Tooth October 29, 2009

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I (K) have always had a sweet tooth. When I was 13 and decided to become a vegetarian (a two-year experiment), my brother innocently asked my mom, “Does being a vegetarian mean that you only have to eat candy?”

And just yesterday (though I am ashamed to admit it), I talked C into sharing a Snickers bar with me after lunch, and then proceeded to talk him into buying me gummy bears for the afternoon. Once back at work, I ate not only the gummy bears, but also some leftover rice krispie treats that were sitting in the staff kitchen. And then, after dinner (I did eat a healthy dinner of fish and asparagus), I ate raspberry bars for dessert, during Community Group.

Too much candy, some might say.  But then, I saw this article. It turns out that despite what people say, it is possible to live on candy!  I probably won’t give it a try…but will feel a little less guilty next time I have a mid-afternoon treat.

Happy Halloween (on Saturday)!


Weekend Report October 27, 2009

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We had a great time this weekend driving down to Santa Barbara for the nuptials of A and J. We left around noon on Friday and drove that day to San Luis Obispo/Pismo Beach, and then drove the rest of the way to SB on Saturday before the wedding. Sunday we meandered our way back home, driving along the Pacific Coast Highway (Hwy 1).

Some themes from our trip:



We saw two gorgeous sunsets – the first, on Saturday, from the patio of the Greek Orthodox church where the reception was held. The church was up on a hill, and from the patio you could see down into a lush valley with the ocean in the distance. The second, on Sunday, we saw at a pull out along Highway 1 in Big Sur, just north of Nepenthe (where we stopped for a drink, some cheese, and fries…but no sweet potato fritters – they took them off the menu!)



Firestone Tri-tip sandwich, plus their "Pig Sandwich" (in the back) and the largest basket of fries we've ever seen.

Tri-tip Sandwiches

Unbeknownst to me before our adventures this weekend, tri-tip was “invented’ on the Central Coast, near where we were. We had tri-tip sandwiches (clearly a regional specialty) twice – on Friday night at the Firestone Grill in SLO, and on Sunday for lunch at the Country Market in Los Olivos. The Country Market sandwich was the better of the two, but had we ordered our tri-tip rare at Firestone it might have been a close call.


  • The Pacific Ocean We spent some quality time with the Pacific, first taking a morning walk along Pismo Beach on Saturday, and then soaking up gorgeous ocean views pretty much all day Sunday while driving along the (slightly windy) PCH. It was a beautiful, clear day – we couldn’t have asked for better weather.

At the Pismo Beach Pier


K and C at the ocean, near Cambria


The Pacific Coast Highway (and the Pacific)


View from Nepenthe



Though not the reason for our trip, we came across a number of different animals: peacocks; elephant seals; and a big bass!


Big peacock


Adolescent peacock, trying to show off


Elephant seal sunning on the beach


Elephant seals at war


C and the bass


  • Wine We stopped in to taste wine at a few wineries in the San Luis Obispo area. Vineyards are beautiful in the fall (and especially beautiful to us, since we visited Napa in the fall just before we started dating in 2005). Our favorite stops were Claiborne & Churchill and Wolff Vineyards.

C in 2005, eating grapes from the vineyard (photo by JG)


C in 2009, still up to no good!


Where the Wild Things Are October 22, 2009

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I love the book, and can’t wait to see the movie!  I also love that the Nuthouse has Wild Things on the ceiling. I even wrote one of my college essays on Max’s sense of self…and now, one of my favorite columnists write about it, here!  What fun!

We’re headed down the coast tomorrow, for a wedding and some much needed time away (especially for C who has been working long, long hours). Hopefully we’ll have lots of adventures to report on next week!


A Room with a View October 16, 2009

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Fall Colors

Fall Colors

The Street, the (Old) Fire House, and Hoover Tower

The Street, the (Old) Fire House, and Hoover Tower

I thought I’d share the view from my office window with you. It’s quite pleasant, especially right now with all of the leaves turning. When sitting down, I primarily see the tree leaves; when standing up (I have a desk that rises and lowers so that I can work sitting or standing, whichever I prefer) I can see what’s going on outside, and catch a glimpse of Hoover Tower in the distance. I really can’t complain. Plus the office came with a mini fridge and a tea kettle, so I don’t even have to leave the room when I feel like tea (though it perhaps takes away from staff kitchen-interactions).

My memories of reading A Room with a View are at once bizarre and awful and wonderful. I read it on 9/11/2001 and the days following, on the lawn outside my dorm. It’s a beautiful book and it was perfect escapist literature…while reading I could forget everything that was happening, I could stop struggling to comprehend reality, and instead get lost in the story, concerning myself only with Lucy Honeychurch and joining her in her tour of Italy.


Wednesday Words October 14, 2009

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200236712-001 raincoat

  • Rain. It’s been raining like crazy (we caught the tail end of a typhoon from Japan), and while it appears to have stopped after two full days of downpours, it will be back: it’s an El Nino year!  To mark the occasion (and so we don’t have to sit in wet clothes all day) C and I went to REI  on Monday night and bought rain pants and jackets…now we can commute by bike without getting wet!
  • Baseball. Even though the Mariners didn’t make it this year, every fall around this time I have fond memories of October 1995, when the Ms made it to the playoffs for the first time ever. How exciting that was! “Get out the rye bread and the mustard, granma – it’s grand salami time!”
  • Vacuum cleaner. We are now the proud owners of a Hoover! It’s the best thing in the world, to be able to vacuum whenever the floor is dirty. Our house feels so much more pleasant.
  • Work. I (K) am loving working again. It’s been a little adjustment to our schedule, but overall a pretty smooth transition. I like my job, and the structure that it gives my days (plus the paycheck is a nice bonus!)
  • Frozen Yogurt. When we no longer live in CA, I will really miss Fraiche.
  • Taxes. We took an extension this year, so I just paid our taxes. Not to brag, but we got a lot of money back.  Yay!!!  It makes all the form-filling-out seem not quite so bad.
  • All-stars. C got a new pair of sneakers, and I love them!  (I also happened to choose them out…)