Birds of a Feather

Saturday Six September 26, 2009

Filed under: The everyday — kcfeather @ 6:19 pm

1. Our most exciting news of the past few weeks is that I got a job!  I think it will be a pretty good fit, and am especially happy to be able to put aside the job searching for awhile (at least for the coming academic year), and to be getting a paycheck!  I start October 1, so am down to my last week of free weekdays.

2. Obviously this will be a transition for my schedule, as I had become accustomed to having free time during the day on weekdays. My number one conundrum: when will I do the grocery shopping? (I have found that 8 – 10 am on weekday mornings is the best possible time…no crowded aisles, no lines, stocked shelves…)

3. Just flipped pancakes at the RUF Pancake Breakfast for undergrads who returned for the schoolyear. Every time I flip flapjacks, I think of flipping pancakes with Papa John for the people who come to the breakfast at the Merced Salvation Army. Good memories.

4. Am feeling a need to go shopping, what with starting a new job and the new season…but, I have a lot of clothes already, so I got rid of a bag of clothes this week (sadly, mostly items that I OUTGREW in the past two years. I must be getting old!)

5. Tomorrow we’re heading up for a little overnight getaway to Point Reyes, primarily to see the rutting of the elk, and more generally to explore and relax.

6. This will be sappy, but the crispness of fall is in the air, which always reminds me of when I was first getting to know C. My memories from those first months are now a little blurry (and it was only 4 years ago), but the chilly fall nights never fail to bring back memories.


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