Birds of a Feather

Five on Friday September 4, 2009

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1. C has been presenting some research up in SF a lot recently, and on Tuesday I tagged along. Before his meeting, we went to Frjtz and had tasty Belgian french fries with curry ketchup and pesto aioli. During his meeting, I wandered around SF, stopping by Britex fabrics and reading in Yerba Buena Gardens. Once he was done, we went to SFMOMA to see the Georgia O’Keefe – Ansel Adams exhibit (and got to see a Richard Avedon exhibit as well!) To finish up our day, we headed west and tried out B-Star Bar, sister restaurant of Burma Superstar. We loved B-Star…we had Burma coolers, a tea leaf salad, pork belly and white beans, and black rice pudding with coconut cream. It was great. We shall return.

2.  I must say: I love swimming. But, every once in awhile when I’m at the pool, I try to imagine if I was an alien and saw people swimming laps. It does look pretty ridiculous.  Try it next time you’re at the pool….you will laugh, I guarantee it!

3. We’ve been watching The Wire (Season One). I like it a lot, but have become paranoid that I am being photographed by police when in public.

4. Busy weekend/week ahead. It’s supposed to be a 3 day weekend, but starting Sunday I’m training undergrad community service leaders about group dynamics, service-learning principles, debriefing, etc. and then on Wednesday, as soon as I finish up, I have three days of training to attend in order to be a CA (RA for grad students).

5. On Wednesday morning, before C went to work we drove up to see the Pulgas Water Temple, a local curiousity about 10 minutes north of Stanford.  It was pretty cool, but bizarre at the same time.  Some pictures:



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