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On the road again June 25, 2009

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We are going to have a busy few weeks!  Our travels include: the Western Slope of Colorado; Charleston, SC (K); Merced (for Nana’s 80th and July 4th); Napa (for our FIRST anniversary); Boston (C). All within the next two weeks.

Around here, K has been job searching, swimming, and taking care of odds and ends; C is hard at work on his dissertation. We’ve also been trying to pick up tennis (since there are courts right around the corner from our apartment). Also, exciting news in the Featherstone household: the facilities people laid sod in the mud pit in front of our apartment – now we have grass!


How to change your last name in California June 20, 2009

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Our one year anniversary is coming up – only 2 more weeks! In anticipation of our anniversary, I thought I’d post the following information. It was hard to find all the instructions in one place, so here they are (the basic ones, at least). Consider this my service to humanity for the day.

STEP 1. Change your name with the Social Security Administration

Instructions about how to change your name with the Social Security Administration online at: (You will need to sign in, I think).

Basically, you must fill out this form: and show up at the nearest SSA office (this can be located via zip code at along with the following:

1. passport, or other proof of citizenship such as official birth certificate (not the cute one from the hospital with your footprints; this must be officially issued by the state);

2. current Social Security card; and

3. orignial marriage certificate or court order for name change (a certified copy from the issuing agency is ok, too).

This took me about 30 minutes at the Social Security office, including the wait (the time of which I found useful for making a decision for what name to keep as my new middle name). They will mail you your new Social Security card – they estimate 3-4 weeks, but mine arrived in 6 days.

STEP 2. Change your name at the California DMV

Instructions about how to change your name with the California DMV for your driver’s license (vehicle title is entirely separate, go figure) are online at:

Once your name change with the SSA has gone through, go to the nearest DMV (you can schedule an appointment if you like, at


1. Your current CA Driver’s License;

2. Your new Social Security Card (they may or may not ask to see this);

3. orignial marriage certificate or court order for name change (a certified copy from the issuing agency is ok, too); and

4. $22 (cash, check or ATM) as of 6/09

When you arrive, they will give you a simple form to fill out (the DL 44C); then you will pay, and they will take your thumbprint and a new picture. They’ll give you an Interim Driver’s License, and will mail you the new one.

This took me about 45 minutes, including the wait (without an appointment).

While at the DMV, you should also change the name on your vehicle title if you own a car/vehicle (I didn’t know that this wasn’t automatically updated based on my DL name change until a year later). So, bring in your title, and they’ll give you a form (Statement of Facts) to fill out and have you apply for a new title. If someone else is on your title, they will also need to sign your title in order for this to happen.

Not sure how long this takes since I am still working on it; however, my sense is it shouldn’t take too long.

STEP 3. Everything Else

Once you have your new Social Security card and DL, you can go to your HR department and change your name within the company/organization you work for. As well, don’t forget:

  • bank accounts
  • credit cards
  • retirement accounts
  • the IRS
  • passport
  • telephone company
  • utilities company
  • charitable organizations you give $ to
  • car insurance
  • medical insurance/doctor’s office
  • alumni association(s)
  • frequent flier mileage programs
  • magazine subscriptions

For most of these you can just call in to customer service; for a few, you will need to send in a copy of your marriage license. Also, some – like magazines – are fairly unimportant. You can let these slide!


Yummy, sort-of-healthy blue cheese dressing June 18, 2009

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C and I both love cheese of all sorts, especially in salads! However, once you combine the dressing and cheese – not to mention the bacon – that we often put on salads, it’s unclear if they are very healthy. (Or maybe it is clear that they’re not, and we’re just in denial…)

In any case, yesterday I tried a new recipe for Yogurt-Blue Cheese Dressing, and it was an instant success. Not only did it taste great, but it’s fairly healthy if you use non-fat (or low-fat) yogurt, and it literally only takes 2 minutes to make! I included the link above so you can try it out. Hope you enjoy!


Graduation June 15, 2009

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I graduated today!




Los Altos Grill June 14, 2009

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Last night C and I went to dinner at Los Altos Grill to celebrate my graduation (today!)  It was wonderful. C had ribs with roasted peanut coleslaw, and I had a prime rib french dip sandwich (which sounds unexciting, but was amazing).

LAG is “famous for no corkage fee,” and so we brought along a bottle of Baco, a red wine from Domaine les Brome that we picked up on our honeymoon in Quebec.




Sticky Rice, Part II June 12, 2009

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I may not be a culinary genius, but I scooped Food & Wine!

In April, I wrote a post about our new favorite dessert.

On Monday, flying back from Philadelphia, I saw this recipe in Food & Wine. I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!


Reading Terminal Market June 10, 2009

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We had a great weekend in Pennsylvania -my 10-year high school reunion, some fun family time, and catching up with good friends. Unfortunately there are very few pictures; however, I pulled out the camera when C couldn’t resist the bargain he found at the Reading Terminal Market – a quartered, seeded (that means, with seeds) watermelon for just $1!

Needless to say, he ate the whole thing by himself! We also had some mediocre cheesesteaks and some delicious Peking duck rolls to fill out the lunch.