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District of Columbia March 30, 2009

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We spent the past week visiting friend and family in Washington DC…and being tourists!

Some highlights:

K – long conversations and lots of laughs with family and friends, Robert Frank’s The Americans exhibit at the National Gallery, seeing the Giant Panda, and the burger and fries at Good Stuff Eatery on the Hill
C – touching a moonrock at Air and Space (and pretty much everything else there as well), learning about beekeeping, very very tasty breakfasts a la Uncle Tom, and the 3 minutes of the Supreme Court argument that we heard (although, we were behind a curtain, and so could only see a few justices)

Below are a few pics from our trip.  Enjoy!

K and P at the Tabard Inn

K and P at the Tabard Inn

Clayton the Spider Monkey

C the Spider Monkey

C and the moonrock!

C and the moonrock!

At Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

At Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

I couldn't resist...

I couldn't resist...


Happy Spring! March 20, 2009

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Loved this Google art!

We’re off to Washington DC this morning.  Hope you enjoy the first weekend of spring!


Dreaming of days in the garden March 11, 2009

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I should be writing final papers…but the beautiful sunshine outside the window makes it difficult to concentrate!

Number one thing I am most looking forward to once I’m done with my papers? Planting our vegetable garden!